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Dearest crowdfunders,
We just wanted to express our gratitude for your enormous contributions to our project.
The crowdfunding for In The Beginning has now successfully ended and with your help, we have raised 117,24% of our aimed goal, which is a total of 58.621 Danish Kroner, enabling us to make this project a reality.
Between the crowdfunding funds, the support of various art grants and our record labels investment, it is possible for us to set this ambitious project into motion.
We are both composing away, Maria is working on the arrangements for the orchestra and we are trying to get our heads around the logistics of building a studio in an abandoned church in the middle of nowhere. It’s all coming together now!
We will keep you all posted on the progress prior to and during the session.
An additional dimension to the project, is the news that the recordings will be documented with virtual reality cameras, which will offer the viewer the the experience of being with us, both inside and outside the church while recording the music. We’ll select a few songs and release them as VR recordings along with the music on the 3rd of March 2017.
What an adventure coming up ahead!
Thank you so much!
Love and gratitude from Kira and Maria.

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