Rescheduling of official album release, concert in Vor Frelsers Kirke

After the tragic and sudden passing of our beloved Nicolai Munch-Hansen in February, everything regarding In The Beginning was naturally put on hold. The magnitude of this loss for everyone involved is still overwhelming. Dealing with everything will take a long time and nothing will ever be the same.

As you all know, this project has been long underway and has required an incredible amount of preparation throughout the process. Although the world is forever changed, the importance of presenting this project to all of you, and the world, is clear to us.

Thus, we have decided to reschedule our concert in Vor Frelsers Kirke for May 10th, and the official release of the album for May 12th.

All of the tickets for the original concert date have been refunded, and new tickets can be purchased through the link below (Politiken has fixed the date, for those of you who caught their mistake in the original post!):

We hope to find some healing in the music as we continue on. Thanks again for your support.

Love from Kira & Maria

FB_In The Beginning_smaller_2 fixed dates

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