Reviews are rolling in!

Here are some of the reviews we’ve received so far, for both the record and our concerts. Thanks to everyone who has supported us throughout!

“Kira Skov and Maria Faust have, with IN THE BEGINNING, made a unique work of great, sacred beauty.”
Michael Charles Gaunt, Berlingske

9/10 “The music does not look back with hunger for nostalgic moments, but takes in everything that has been and synthesizes something completely new. Synthesis like that has been done before, but in this case, everything is more precisely in place.”
Estonian Public Broadcasting

5/6 “IN THE BEGINNING is a spiritually oriented work that, with its sense of the deep, heavy rhythm of existence, may well turn out to attract interest far beyond Denmark’s borders.”
Kim Skotte, Politiken

5/6 “A universal album of loss, savagery, faith, oppression, and forgiveness”
Bent Stenbakken, Nordjyske

4/5 “This is a serious, weighty, and grandiose album that can be compared with Bela Tarr´s and Andrei Tarkovsky’s films”

“IN THE BEGINNING has simply become a brilliant recording, which I look forward to hearing live. Kira Skov and Maria Faust are simply one of the best and most original duos that Scandinavian jazz has to offer today.”
Jan Granlie,

“Album of the Week”
Eesti Ekspress

4/6 “IN THE BEGINNING has become an alluring album”
Jan Opstrup Poulsen, Gaffa

4/6 Mikael Krarup, Fyens Stiftstidende

“IN THE BEGINNING is like a force of nature that does not show signs of abatement. A wildly beautiful album that tells the story of downtrodden people.”
Eesti Päevaleht

5/6  “The raw power – and the grandiose back-up – gave an immediate sense of a vertical connection.”
Ivan Rod, Gaffa/BT

“They reward with a unique, gripping, beautiful and sometimes indefinable hypnotic expression that almost felt like a revelation yesterday”

“I will never forget this and you should most definitely do everything you can, to get hold of their music, see them live, book them to all concert halls and living rooms around the globe. It is deep, unique, sophisticated and moves you to your bones if you allow it to. I re-found the meaning of music, arts, and togetherness in next and new levels.”
Helen Sildna, Head of Tallinn Music Week

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