A while back, we embarked on a journey, searching for lost songs in a seemingly abandoned land of forgotten tales and hypnotic chants: Maria’s native country of Estonia.

Together, we dived into a collaborative musical adventure inspired by the unique history of this specific area of the country.

In the deep southern border region, we went looking for something forgotten.

Heritage is disappearing.

Many cultural traditions have been all but wiped out – first by the Soviet regime, and more recently by the influence of the ever-changing modern world we live in.

We wanted to look for life in these abandoned places, and perhaps find our own reflections in the traditions and sounds that are threatened by extinction.

This is the outcome of our collaboration.

Here is what we found…

-Kira Skov and Maria Faust


We have known for some time now that we needed to make some music together. In February of 2016 we visited Estonia and went on a road trip to the deep south of the country, close to the Latvian and Russian borders, looking for inspiration for the creation of the music and a location for the actual recording. We found this breathtakingly beautiful old orthodox church from 1873 which is currently not being used for mass, since the population in this area is practically non-existent. Inspired by the unique stories of this specific world, Estonian myths, and the brutal history of the regime changes – from the Nazis to the Soviet occupation – and even the history of slavery that took place centuries before these well-documented dark times in our common history.  We have dived into a collaborative musical journey, searching for lost songs in this abandoned land. A treasure trove of forgotten tales and hypnotic chants of Estonian folklore, which we are processing and translating into our own sound and tales. Our plan is to record the music, which we are currently creating together, with a small Estonian choir, brass and woodwinds, upright bass, cello, and percussion with Kira’s voice in the lead.

Mark Howard will set up the recording studio and record the session in the church. As there is no electricity, we will need to bring generators and everything needed to make the recording at the site. We’ll also need to rent cabins for the musicians, and feed and reimburse a large production of people documenting the process. Making this album will not only be a unique opportunity to create a rare and inspiring setting for the music to unfold within, but should also bring attention to a all-but lost culture, and a donation from you could help the almost extinct community in restoring this breathtaking historical building. 

This is a very special record for us, and the culture it represents. The musical preparation is already underway. Together with the great Mark Howard, we are certain that we will make a very special album, and your donation will assist us in creating a masterpiece that will remind the world of another culture on the verge of disappearance.


with love,
Kira & Maria