In The Beginning…

Estonian Myths Tell Tales About the Birth of the World. 

Before the world existed, there was only a golden apple tree, the tree of life. A blue-striped bird nested there and laid 3 eggs. As they hatched, their mother flung each of them out of the nest in different directions. One became the sun, one became the moon, and one became the earth.

The Milky Way is a branch of that Tree of Life, and shows the birds the way by which they take the souls of the deceased to the other side. 

Kira and Maria have embarked on a journey searching for lost songs in an abandoned land of forgotten tales and hypnotic chants. The two artists have joined forces, going on a collaborative musical adventure, inspired by the unique history of this specific world.

In the deep south of Estonia, close to the Russian border, they are looking for something forgotten. In the border countries, heritage is disappearing. Musical traditions and myths have been all but wiped out by the Russian regime. Almost no one lives there anymore. 

The legendary producer Mark Howard has specialised in recording music in unique locations and was also the producer of the successful recording of The Cabin Project in the deep woods of Canada. Now he has made this magical project a reality.

Together they set up a recording studio in an abandoned orthodox church, at the end of the line.

The plan was simple, but grand. The arrangements were written for a small Estonian choir, a four-piece brass ensemble, and bass and percussion with Kira as the leading storyteller. 

Please explore this site for more information, as well as photos and videos from the recording session. LOTS more material to come!