In The Beginning…

The Making of an Album in an old Abandoned Church in the Deep South of Estonia

Recorded by Mark Howard 

The two composers, Kira Skov & Maria Faust, are both well established artists based out of Copenhagen, Denmark.

Kira left Denmark in her teens and travelled around the world for several years, spending time in both London and Los Angeles before moving back to Copenhagen to embark on her own solo carrier which instantly exploded. She’s released 11 internationally acclaimed and highly awarded studio albums to date, including joint recording projects with Tore Johansson and The Gospel, as well as with Peter Peter from legendary Danish Punk band Sort Sol, and their joint project Persona. She has toured the world with Tricky (UK), and released 4 solo albums, 3 of them produced by John Parish, as well as the successful recordings of The Cabin Project, produced by Mark Howard in the deep woods of Canada.

Maria Faust was born in Kuressaare, Estonia, and is is currently living in Copenhagen, Denmark, where she is a rising star on the international experimental jazz scene.  Maria is classically trained and a skilled saxophone player, composer and arranger. She is best known in the fields of third stream jazz, modern big band music, improvised music, and other alternative music styles, as well as being a member and co-founder of the musical collective/record label Barefoot Records. Maria has also toured the world, her music gaining recognition and winning her multiple awards, including two Danish Music Awards in 2014 in the categories ”Jazz Composer of the Year” and “Cross over album of the year” for her chamber-jazz project Sacrum Facere.

Mark Howard is a record producer and engineer. He is best known for his 23-year-long musical partnership wit Daniel Lanois, recording and producing artists such as Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson, Marianne Faithful, Neil Young, Tom Waits, and Iggy Pop, among others. Mark is known for his unique ability to set up mobile studios and record albums in alternative settings such as the desert, old abandoned, theatres, and so forth.

Kira teamed up with Mark Howard in Los Angeles in 2008, where he mixed her album ”The Rail Train, the Meadow, the Freeway and the Shadows.” They stayed in touch and he later on became the producer of the highly acclaimed recording of The Cabin Project, and now they are about to embark on a new adventure together.